Canadian Immigration 2023: Guidelines, Requirements & Cost
Canadian Immigration Steps, Guidelines & Total Cost (Explained): How to Easily Migrate to Canada, See Canada Immigration Guidelines, Requirements, Cost and Other Details for 2023 [Step by Step Guidelines and Procedures for Canadian Immigration and Permanent Residence].

Canadian immigration and permanent residence. All about Canadian Immigration Steps in 2023 & Total Cost required for the Canadian residence permit. Everything will be explained slightly in this post so please read it if you are interested, there are 5 Easy ways to migrate to Canada with your family. Most people want to know about Canadian immigration, so I am trying to tell you everything that consultants don’t tell you and lie to you for money.

Canada immigration is based on your education, work experience, and proficiency in the English language. In this post just right below I have described each and every point step by step including how much it cost you to get a Canadian Residence permit. The complete application process for how to get permanent residency in Canada is mentioned below:

The Explanation for Canadian Immigration Steps in 2023 & Total Cost (Explained)

Total Approximate Cost:

The cost is approximately $15,00 to $2,000. Canada has an immigration program called “Express Entry aka EE (Federal Skilled Worker Program or FSW)” which is a government-run program.

The official website for Express Entry is:

Stage 1:

This involves obtaining your Canadian assessment (ECA) for your higher education.

There are many organizations that can provide you with this service. However, choose “World Education Services” (WES) because it is the fastest! You will be charged between $150 to $250 for this service.

In practice, some documents need to be sent by yourself and some documents need to be sent through the university where you obtained your education. This is the official website for WES:

Stage 2:

IELTS (International English Language Testing System): To assess your proficiency in the English language, you need to provide the result of General Training IELTS. The fee for IELTS is between 45,000 to 50,000 rupees. 

The official website for IELTS is: 

Step 3:

Work experience: At least three years of work experience will give you more points for the work experience component.

Stage 4:

Police Certificate: Clearance Certificate

Stage 5:

Applying for Express Entry Draw: Once you receive the results of your Canadian Educational Assessment (Equivalency) and IELTS, and they are in your hands, you are eligible to participate in the Express Entry draw under the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

What is Draw?

Basically, they conduct a draw every few months, in which they send out “invitations to apply” to a few thousand people in each draw! For example, if they are sending out 3000 invitations to apply in a draw, applicants will be ranked based on their points, and the top 3000 will receive an invitation to apply.

Points are primarily based on age, work experience, education, and IELTS. To check your score, check previous cut-off scores, and see if you are eligible for the draw, you can visit the official website: 

Stage 6:

Medical Examination: It is mandatory to undergo a medical examination (either before or after applying for PR).

Stage 7:

Apply for Permanent Residence (PR):
Once you receive an “invitation to apply” for PR, you want to apply for Canadian PR. In addition to the mentioned documents, you will need “proof of funds”. This is required because they want to see proof that you have enough funds for initial expenses when you land in Canada.

The amount will depend on whether you are single, married, or have children. You only need to show this amount, and not pay it! (Usually, a bank statement can be presented for this purpose).

The amount you need to show can be around 15 to 20 lakhs (slightly less if you are single and slightly more if you have children).

You will need to apply online. All documents are collected electronically, including your passport!

The Permanent Residence (PR) application online form is similar to any other visa form. The cost of a PR application can range from $500 to $900 (depending on the size of the family, ranging from 1 to 3). The exact figures are available on the website.

I will not say that applying for PR is a difficult process, but attention to detail is necessary. Even small mistakes can lead to a rejection of the PR application.

The official website for applying for PR after receiving an invitation letter: here

Stage 8:

Wait: Once you apply for PR, be prepared to wait!
30% of applicants will receive an approval within 2 months!
60% of applicants will receive an approval within 4 months!
90% of applicants will receive an approval within 6 months!
10% of applicants may take more than 6 months!

Furthermore, 98% of cases are resolved without an interview.

Usually, in 90% of cases, PR is approved within 6 months. In short, if your case is not complicated due to travel history or anything like that, and you belong to the 90% category, you can expect your PR within a few months!

Even if things are slightly complicated, then expect an interview in a few months or maximum a few more months.

Stage 9:

Stamp your passport and obtain verification of permanent residence known as COPR:
After your online application is approved, submit your passport to the nearest Canadian consulate and obtain your visa for entry into Canada along with your COPR within a few days!

Stage 10:

Land in Canada:
You will receive your PR card in Canada. To become a citizen of Canada, you must live in Canada for a minimum of 3 years within a period of 5 years.

Result and Conclusion:

This is simple, easy, and practical. And we have explained Canadian Immigration Steps in 2023 & Total Cost. It is safe to say that if you are skilled and looking for immigration based on the fundamentals, this is the best program.

In the end, you do not need a consultant or lawyer to go through this process. It has been reported and observed that many of the consultants offering these services are unqualified, incompetent, unprofessional, and fraudulent.

Many applicants have reported having their PR rejected and being cheated because of consultants. Everything is on the internet, and you are the best person to take action on your case. Best of Luck and share this post with others.